Protect your business communications with phone number masking
Take advantage of phone number masking to anonymize voice calls and messages, protecting your business and the identity of your customers.
Number masking is an effective way to protect the personal information of customers and employees, preventing unauthorized access and misuse.
Collect insights from your customers’ interactions to improve user experience and strengthen your market positioning.
Phone number masking prevents parties from abandoning the platform and completing transactions elsewhere.
Protect customer privacy
Prevent revenue leakage
Analyze your communications
Call masking & tracking by Apifonica: stay in control over user interactions!
No GDPR risks or ethical concerns!
Allow customers to communicate securely with vendors, drivers, or couriers. They’ll never need to share their personal contact information.
Advanced features
Acquire virtual phone numbers in dozens of country and city codes
Worldwide phone numbers
Use a single number for multiple sellers to save on number rental costs. Distribute calls between sellers using number extensions.
Cost-saving tracking solutions
Record conversations to qualify leads and improve customer service
Call recording
Minimize unsuccessful transactions by sending not-answered calls to alternative sellers
Validate and pre-qualify phone leads to measure interest, filter out irrelevant calls, and deliver leads that accurately match your customer’s requirements
Dynamic call redirection
Generate performance reports that detail calls for each listing and show precisely how much value you deliver
Customizable reporting
Phone number masking
secures better customer experience
Employees have uncontrolled access to customer phone numbers.
Control and record every call made to a customer.
Customers may receive inappropriate personal calls from staff members.
Customer personal phone numbers are never exposed to employees.
Job executors try to negotiate directly with customers, cut intermediaries out of the sale.
Monitor phone conversations between customers and job executors.
Case study
At Wetaxi – an Italian ride-hailing app operating in 22 cities – phone number masking kept passengers safe and secure, preventing drivers from tracking or even stalking them (and vice versa).
How it works?
Once the driver accepts the order, the app automatically assigns virtual phone numbers to both the driver and the passenger. When the call happens, Apifonica captures it and forwards it to the real phone number. All the calls may be recorded for quality control and claim resolution purposes. Once the ride is completed, the virtual numbers remain active for 24 hours, to allow contacts related to forgotten items.
Our client’s success
Thanks to this, the passenger experience improved drastically, making the Wetaxi app the most simple, straight-forward and transparent taxi service in the country.
Protect your customers from unwanted calls
Implement phone number masking – this simple service will get you ahead of the competition, attract more customers and help your business grow.
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